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Welcome to the future of access control
We are a system house and our core business is the development of access control systems, covering the creation of specific software, hardware and firmware.
In addition, we deliver detailed and tailored solutions and ideas to bring your existing security systems right up to date and to design it to meet your unique requirements.
Our strengths are our innovation, our specialist knowledge, our experience and our flexibility. We are used to successfully embarking on new ventures. You can rely on us. We will accompany you throughout the complete process.
Your installers and your customers will get an access control system that offers intuitive operation, simple installation and cost-effective maintenance.

Our focus is on:

  • Innovative software and hardware for access control

  • Innovation, currently with two patent applications pending

  • Order processing for the security industry

  • Licence assignment for our in-house software and hardware

  • Platform for OEM applications

  • Second-level support for integration partners and licensees

Next generation access control

Individual. Innovative. OEM.

We develop tailored access control and security technology solutions that are a step ahead of conventional state of the art technology. This includes the development and integration of host softwares, database communication, database systems, TCP/IP and RS485 communication to control centres and ERP systems, hardware and firmware development, integration of mechatronic systems and of commonly-used network protocols, etc.

We guarantee the highest quality and the highest security standards. Our staff are amongst the most innovative in our industry, across Europe. For decades, our technology has been the benchmark and has always proved itself to be setting the trends in the market for access control and security technology.

Your access control is developed on the basis of our Idea Platform, the iSAC-3. Starting from this, we develop a new security concept for you that implements your development-based security requirements.

Let your customers benefit from tailored solutions that address and resolve their security challenges.

“Thanks to the high level of flexibility, future system requirements can also be accommodated and implemented.”

The voice of our customers

your valuables

People. Buildings. Know-how.

Deploy the iSAC-3 Access control system to provide secure access for your people to your company’s assets and goods. Using the experience that has been accumulated by our team over the last 30 years, we will help you to secure your buildings against unauthorised access and to protect areas with highly-sensitive and valuable property.

Unauthorised persons who have uncontrolled access to your premises represent a serious commercial risk. Assets with a value of several billion Euro are effectively destroyed every year in Germany, through theft and industrial espionage. To this can be added further millions of Euros for the replacement of purely mechanical locking systems. An estimated 25% of the workforce in Germany help themselves unlawfully to property belonging to companies or authorities. iSAC-3 offers you the optimum protection against this.

The iSAC-3 Access control system offers everything that is demanded from modern access control management. The solution includes a modern, scalable software, flexible hardware together with the corresponding firmware


‚ÄěWith iSAC-3, we were able to implement all our requirements without any problem at all.‚Äú

The voice of our customers

Access control for everyone

Resellers. Installers. Property owners.

If you want to control and monitor access to your company, no matter how small or how large it is, then you have come to the right place. Our system offers comprehensive performance levels, simplicity of operation and complete scalability to allow it to expand as your requirements and those of your customers grow.

You are also in the right place if you want to secure doors and other access points to your premises with simple and secure access control. iSAC-3 delivers an impressive price-to-performance ratio for all property owners.

We also offer OEM solutions for IT and Security technology companies who want to enhance their own system with the features from the iSAC-3 Access control platform.

When it comes to resellers and installers, we offer the ideal product that is easy to install, to commission, to maintain and to operate.

You can rely on us.

Innovation is security

Always a step ahead of the threat.

High security is dependent on innovation. A new product is scarcely on the market before attempts are made to circumnavigate the technology behind it. Maximum security can only be guaranteed if you can keep a step ahead of potential perpetrators.

Our innovative iSAC-3 Access control system that is undergoing a continuous programme of further development and that defines the latest state of IT security, is the solution.

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