Everything you need for access control

The innovative security concept developed by iNFORM

Safety first: All the data from the reader right up to the server has SSL or AES-128 encryption and through the intelligent and patented use of micro SD cards, access control systems can be installed very quickly, and can be commissioned, controlled and maintained from anywhere in the world. The advantages of micro SD cards include increased memory capacity, secure remote access and analysis options and significant cost reductions through time savings in on-site engineer interventions.

Unlimited flexibility

Unlimited communication options are opened up through the use of the patented micro SD card technology.
Installation of the iDC-2 controller is simplicity itself, it can be controlled remotely and it can be combined with other systems.

Unlimited expansion possibilities

Either make your selection from an existing portfolio of expansion options or come to us with your requests. We will be happy to do development work for you.

Individual & special functions

Using the know-how of our experienced team, we can implement your special requests professionally. The resulting special functions then become your USPs.

Decades of continuous development

Innovation is the key both to success and to security. Through our continuous further development work, we create new options for you, enabling you to offer the best solutions on the market.

Most simple and intuitive integration options

With iSAC-3 we have created another masterpiece. No other access control software offers so much complexity through simplicity. Both installation and operation are child’s play.

Don’t believe it. Test it yourself.

Test the iSAC-3 Access control system.
Request access to a demo system.

The most efficient access control of all time: iSAC-3

Clever innovation

A software that makes access control into child’s play and helps to save costs. Installation time and effort are reduced to the absolute minimum and training times are shortened. Innovation is not just limited to the user-friendliness but is also reflected in the intelligent expansion and growth options.

Versatile access control

Full scalability whilst retaining all hardware components.
OS-independent, Web-based, JAVA, cloud-enabled, remote control & real time analysis

Install your access control wherever you want it

iSAC-3 can be installed on all types of servers or in the cloud.
iSAC-3 Basic
For small- and micro-applications
Ideal for systems starting from just one door
iSAC-3 Plus
For SMEs
Ideal for systems from
200 persons
iSAC-3 Pro
For large companies and organisations
Ideal for systems calling for extended applications

Combine different technologies and manufacturers

All in iSAC-3

Connect up to 16 doors to each controller. You can also use wireless controlled components. Manage up to a further 2,048 offline door components from different manufacturers with Data on Card, Data on Finger and/or Data on Smartphone. Control emergency exit doors, hazard detection systems and much more besides.

Use of different technologies in one system

Using the integrated card management option (patent pending), you can operate with up to 16 different credential formats, such as MIFARE¬ģ, LEGIC¬ģ, etc. per system. Encode the transponders yourself at any iNFORM read/write devices by simply holding the card in front of the reader. Write, read and encode several transponder segments at the same time or use your smartphone in order to open the doors.
Ausweisarten f√ľr Zutrittskontrolle

Expand as needed

iNFORM hardware is as flexible as the demands of the market.
Abbildung: iBLUE Mini Remote Door Controller f√ľr Zutrittskontrolle
Bluetooth operation
Wi-fi operation
Intelligent door control
Enhanced relay control
Connection of third-party readers
Additional inputs and outputs
Enhanced input control

Global access & worldwide operation

iSAC-3 opens up the world’s doors to you

Network any number of controllers you like across the world into one system, using TCP/IP. There are effectively no expansion limits. iSAC-3’s encrypted, Internet-enabled communication makes it possible to establish a secure and fast connection, even in complex Internet and network structures.

Hands-free access control

The iSAC-3 app – your door opener

Use your smartphone as credential.
Define doors to either open automatically or
to open after authentication

Individual developments

A USP, just for you.
If it isn’t in the standard package, we’ll develop it for you.

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