Open doors keylessly with your mobile phone!

The iSAC-3 App opens the doors for you without you having to touch them. Simply click onto your mobile phone to open the door. For those who want it even more comfortable and easier, the iSAC-3 app opens selected doors as soon as you approach them, depending on the settings. Furthermore you may choose between various levels of security accessing the app (PIN, fingerprint etc.). The only things that are required besides the app installed on the mobile phone is the iSAC-3 software, an iSAC-3 controller and a bluetooth¬ģ-module, called iBLUE.

The technique underneath

The iBLUE communicates with the mobile phone using bluetooth controlling up to 2 doors. As the iBLUE is the interface between the mobile phone and the iSAC-3 access control system, an access control reader is no longer needed. The iSAC-3 software and the controller are as easily to install as the iSAC-3 app. The bluetooth¬ģ-module needs to be located close to the doors, which are to be controlled by it.

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