Innovative security (patent pending)!

The Micro SD-card technology makes the iSAC-3 access control system unique. The innovation can already be recognized during its installation: It can be done in your office just by using a PC, a browser and the micro SD-card. The micro SD-card then only needs to be placed into the right controller, hence, iSAC-3 is ready to run globally. Doors can be opened from any part of the world using a just browser and a working internet. If required, it is also possible to check the system through diagnostically conclusive values remotely. This means, that on-site technical operations become mostly superfluous, as solutions can be found and fixed from afar. This is how easy iSAC-3 is.

iSAC-3 works with practically everyone

iSAC-3 is more than just an access control system of one manufacturer. iSAC-3 is open for the work with other components, technologies, device types and even manufacturers. Another patent that has been applied for, is the possibility to administer and read up to 16 credential formats at a time. Moreover iSAC-3 encrypts its  credentials on its own using designated readers. iSAC-3, is a product entirely made in Germany.

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