iNFORM as OEM is everything you need!

Reacting instantly to new circumstances is a challenge for many companies mainly due to skill shortage. iNFORM with its experienced engineers provide clever access control solutions for you in order to put out, develop and supply exactly what you and your customers require now as well as in the long run. It is understood that what you as OEM partner get is well-conceived, well-established and of solid quality. The iSAC-3 is ready to work with different technologies, components as well as with different extensions. Choose among various unique ways in order to produce and distribute your access control product.

Innovation as key factor of success

When it comes to success both, time and money, always play a key role. Good quality is another important factor. However, realizing a forehanded thinking, in other words, innovation is the key factor to have the edge in the market. Partner up with iNFORM and get there quickly. Currently iNFORM is the only provider in the world offering her sophisticated concept of the iSAC-3 access control platform within this unique business model on the market. iNFORM supports you to be highly efficient, cost-effective, flexible and competitive. Extend your range by a product that is based on years of experience, success and which is being continually enhanced by pros. Come and discover for yourself the power of our innovation engineers.

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